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2016 Internet Trends Report

Posted by Brian Bodell

June 14, 2016 at 12:23 PM

I belatedly reviewed Mary Meeker and team's 2016 Internet Trends Report (  As usual, it is one of the best high-level overviews of the Internet and mobile market across all industries available.   Of course, I would love the kcbp team to analyze the retail and business financial services market, but that's a long shot.  


A few observations from a banking perspective (notice I didn't say fintech):


*Yet another confirmation that chat bots will be leveraged inside of the rapidly growing messaging apps around the globe to provide customer/member service, payments, purchases and likely carefully personalized marketing/sales pitches in the future.  Kasisto is a firm in NYC helping financial institutions leverage chat bots and the underlying AI to serve their customers. 


*Continued coverage of how voice will be a rapidly growing interface as recognition technology has materially improved and devices like echo and the upcoming google home have increased hands free convenience (hats off to john best and team for connecting echo to a core banking system early this year).   Siri is getting a needed update per Apple's WWDC yesterday and I will be anxious to see how CarPlay and AndroidAuto proliferate in automobiles in the future.   Of course, the real improvements are not on the voice recognition side but on the underlying AI, which is finally making the human-machine interaction much more effective. On a related note, I would like to see some voice biometrics added to the mix on a mass scale.  The finivation team has built voice biometric solutions in the past and there have been many strong solutions on the market for years- so now it is simply getting the biometric + device solutions out of POC and to the broader market. 


*The only weak spot in the deck, in my opinion, was the more limited coverage of identity, authentication, and data security.  These are obviously key concerns in banking but also essential to all connected devices across all industries.   With the continued data breaches, identity theft and the terrible username/password environment we continue to suffer through I was hoping there would be more analysis.   I am also hoping the evernym team and others attacking these problems will find great success in making our lives easier and more secure (leveraging a permissioned distributed ledger or any other technology that will work).


Either way, the KPCB report is worth the read.      




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