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What is Concert ESB

Concert ESB is an integration platform designed to help financial institutions and technology providers more quickly and cost effectively integrate, maintain and monitor disparate applications, systems, and networks. 


In business terms Concert ESB acts like a translator at the United Nations- instead of allowing people from different nations to communicate effectively, Concert ESB allows different financial systems that speak different languages to exchange data quickly and securely.  


In practical terms Concert ESB reduces the pain associated with connecting your financial applications (e.g., mobile banking, lending, account opening, payments, etc.) with core banking systems (Fiserv, FIS, JHA, D & H, Temenos, etc.) and/or networks (e.g., credit, debit, shared branch, payments).  


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What are the benefits of an integration platform like Concert ESB?

Financial institutions and technology providers are both under tremendous pressure to provide innovative applications quickly, securely and cost-effectively.   Competition is fierce on both fronts, so supporting faster product launches and making cross-channel data available to serve and protect your customers consistently across your organization will drive differentiation, an improved user experience, and growth.


Leveraging Concert ESB may also help financial institutions refrain from a full core conversion just to  modernize some of their offerings.   Concert ESB can plug in various applications and user interfaces to breathe new life into legacy systems. 


What is an ESB?

An Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) may run across a distributed set of computers in a data center, cloud, or hybrid environment in order to integrate all of the different applications used in a company or financial institution.   ESB’s are responsible for:


•   Transforming data between various application message formats

•   Routing transactions between applications

•   Logging of transaction data

•   Monitoring and reporting the status of enterprise applications 

•   Automatic error handling

•   Scaleable for peak transaction bursts

•   Redundant for high availability

•   Secure transaction processing


ESB's also form the foundation of Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) that focus on exposing services and data that can be shared efficiently throughout an organization.  


Why Concert ESB v. Other Integration Platforms

Concert ESB was designed specifically for the needs of the community financial services industry.   Concert ESB has a library of existing service endpoints (adapters/interfaces/connectors) based on the needs of the financial services industry, including support of various core banking platforms, debit and credit card networks, shared branching networks, loan origination, loan servicing, credit bureaus, funds transfer and bill pay platforms.   In addition, the library also includes support of many industry standard formats (XML, ISO, CUFX) which may be used in current applications including mobile apps and web sites. 


New applications can be quickly developed and integrated into Concert ESB with reduced costs since member/customer, account data, and transactions will be available through the ESB.


 With Concert ESB in place, historical data will be securely stored so that you may perform enhanced data analytics for marketing, servicing and fraud detection by plugging external applications into the Concert ESB platform.


How is Concert ESB deployed?


Concert ESB is offered as a service in a Microsoft Azure private cloud, but it can can also be deployed on premise or in other cloud platforms. 


What is the pricing model for Concert ESB?


The pricing model includes a set up fee, a monthly license & support fee, and fees for specific adapters or interfaces to chosen systems.   


Does Concert ESB support CUFX?


Yes, Concert ESB supports CUFX.   CUFX is an open, modern and comprehensive integration standard that will reduce unnecessary duplication of system integration efforts in the credit union industry.


Does concert ESB have an sdk?


Yes.  Concert was created for the Microsoft .NET environment.   Programmers can easily create new transformers for any external system in any format using Visual Studio.   The Concert SDK can be used to assist in creating transformers more quickly using C# and built in templates for ISO 8583, CUFX, and other formats. The SDK also makes it easy to create unit tests based on message logs in order to ensure the quality of your code prior to going into a testing and certification process.


is message logging supported?


Concert ESB has built-in support for message logging.   Programmers can enhance the logging for any transformer by adding  meta data, which will support quick searches in the Concert Research Too for system administrators, network administrators and others to simplify troubleshooting.   In addition, the logging supports field level hashing or encrypting in order to ensure compliance with any security requirements such as PCI.   The message log database is also configured with Transparent Data Encryption to ensure your data is secure while at rest.


How does concert esb maximize uptime?


Concert ESB's architecture supports distributed processing, which has multiple benefits.  One, the platform can scale and handle significant transaction processing requirements (early tests support over 600 TPS).  Two, with distributed processing new endpoints can be added "on the fly" without incurring any downtime.  Lastly, Concert ESB is run in multiple, geo-redundant data centers to provide the redundancy and reliability required in financial services. 


What message formats and communication protocols are supported?


Concert ESB supports any message format in banking, including XML, ISO 8583, CUFX, IFX, OFX, etc.  


Communication protocols or services include a robust TCP/IP socket service that can support many different options for connecting to any legacy system either synchronously or asynchronously, persistent or non-persistent.   In addition, an HTTP(s) service which can be used with HTML, XML, SOAP, or JSON message formats.   These services are part of the Concert Agent Service and works with the SNMP Service, Event Logging Service, and the Message Logging Service.


More information?


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